Short-Run / Low-Volume

Machinist setting up machine for low-volume run

Jet Machine offers in-house low-volume precision machining. Low volume is defined as quantities of 1-50, 50-300 or 300-1,000 EAU. Our capabilities and facility are designed to support industries such as Medical Device, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Advanced Optics and others.

Benefits to choosing Jet Machine for your low volume runs:

  1. Fast Setup Times and Continuous Setup Reduction Improvements
    For low volume precision machining, setup is everything. The setup cost is spread out across the full order quantity. A quick and efficient setup is key to competitive pricing and lead times.
  2. Quality Assurance
    While highly experienced with First Articles, Jet Machine is accustomed to continuous parts checks in accordance with our ISO 9001 Series procedures. This extends into the low volume shop where 100% inspection is routinely performed.
  3. Skilled Operators and Engineers
    Our highly skilled machinists are dedicated to our low volume high precision work. Our machinists have decades of experience, allowing them to perform setups and runs quickly and efficiently. The operators and engineers work together to make sure the job flows with optimization of time and resources.

Reach us online or give us a call at (855) 450-6352 to find out how our short-run / low-volume machining can manufacture custom quality parts for your business. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Series Certified. We look forward to meeting your machining needs.