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Swiss CNC Turning & Screw Machining

Swiss CNC Turning & Screw Machining

Jet specializes in Swiss-style CNC turning which is used for the manufacturing of parts with intricate tight tolerance dimensions and high-aspect ratio geometries. Take a look inside in our shop in the gallery below.

Vertical & Horizontal CNC Machining

Jet’s CNC Milling serves the Aerospace, Packaging, Defense and Security industries, among others. Our range of equipment from Makino to Haas allows for the right quality, production time and price to fit your needs. Jet has 3 vertical and 3 horizontal CNC mills. Check out our machines in the gallery below.

Vertical & Horizontal CNC Machining

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Two Standard Lathes

1–Miyano Twin Spindle
Twin Turret Y-Axis CNC Lathe
DIAMETER: up to 3 inches
LENGTH: Approx. 12 inches

1–Haas TL-2
DIAMETER: up to 16 inches
LENGTH: Approx. 48 inces

Eight Swiss Turning Lathes

12’ bar feeders

.0625-1.25 inches

approx. 12 feet

3 Horizontal & 3 Vertical Machining Centers

Fast Set up Times and Continuous Set up Reduction Improvements

Vertical & Horizontal Specs

Type Model X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis
Vertical Haas VF6 64 32 30
Vertical Haas VF7 84 32 30
Vertical TM-1P 30 12 16
Horizontal Makino-A51 22 25 25
Horizontal Haas EC400-PP 20 20 20
Horizontal Haas EC 400 20 20 20